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Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
to with the company in california. done in particular locations. and to do that, they either need to go to hire staffing agencies to ofind someone local for the . to craigslist and find people to do this work. 'y( in. you can choose from several jobs locally. >> this posting asked him to take pictures inside yçand out along with this panorami÷]view. the money is then paste in his account. >> a"n( !hbank account. and minimal time invested. q>> you don't have to be "9 z savvy. if you learn how to use an iphone or a app, it is easy. >> abc2 news. >>> wçglright now, that is onl available to iphone users. but it is planning on going rqb android. our website. >>> this brings us to the hot z topic tonight. we want to know, how much money would you have to make for the time involved with something like this, for it to be worth it? b<÷worth it? page. >>> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> &wm-:let's look at the stor view. crystal clear in the low levels of ÷ejthe atmosphere. we have high hé/Ñthin clouds. and offshore, things getting a little more active. is. a big tip off
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
line. >> ted is the chairman of california-based fuel relief fund, a charity that brought gas to katrina victims and kerosene to japanese sue gnaw mee victims. in response to superstorm sandy, the organization brought this 9,000-gallon tanker from the west coast to new york passing out limited amounts of free fuel to storm victims. >> being in the petroleum business, we always get bad press. it's -- it's wonderful to be part of good press when it comes to fuel. >> this fuel is meant to power thirsty generators and vehicles, but storm victims themselves need fuel as well for their weary bodies. that's where this group of culinary volunteers come in using a mobile kitchen donated by red rob bit, an organization that usually provides free school meals, they are preparing restaurant-quality food for storm survivors. >> watching everything from a television set in a comfortable living room sa lot different than being out here. when you're out here, you really see the need and the -- and the despair on some of the faces. >> fema is also on site helping provide the basic necessities,
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
still too close to call. . >> just in from abc we're hearing the president won california, new mexico, washington state and ohio. >> in florida, it was still a dead heat and election officials could be counting into the wee hour offense the morning. president obama watched the lks results in his home in chicago with his farmly -- family. governor mitt romney also watching the results behind closed doors with his family in boston. . >> it's question 5 here in maryland. this would allow congressal redistricting. the results show 37% of voters are against this. >> well, when it comes to race for the presidency, ohio is considered by most the most come pet tiff state -- competitive state. >> and joe is there as the vote tallies keep climbing but it's been close all night. >> all of the early ballots have been counted in this county. we're here at the board of elections in the city of clooeflgd and thus far the erltd voters look good for president obama. he has a significant lead over romney. both parties making surprise visits here in the city of cleveland, have been biden greeted a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3